Microsoft Copilot - Attempting to reconnect error

Experiencing this error "Attempting to reconnect" any time I ask something Copilot, even in web version. I'm logged in to Microsoft through Gmail account. 

If i click "New topic" button, this error occurs: "Sorry, looks like something went wrong".

Is it fixable?


Had the same issue recently.

What helped me:

  1. went to
  2. wrote my prompt directly to search input,
  3. ignored the search results, Copilot window appeared on the right side with response.

After that, Copilot started to work as normal.


Searched the web about this error, didn't get much helpful info. Advises included:

  • check internet connection and switch network (wonder how is it possible if almost everyone has single provider),
  • turn off the firewall and antivirus,
  • clear cache, cookies, change browsers,
  • update browser,
  • disable extensions,
  • sign out and back again to MS profile,
  • and some other tips...

All of this looks like a cargo cult and has nothing to do with the real reason, which is obviously and completely an internal problem of Copilot, which cannot be addressed outside.

So in other words there are two solutions:

  1. try what I suggested in the beginning,
  2. or simply wait.

Good luck.