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Music creation tool.
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Suno allows you to generate music, using just text prompts. 

It has two modes:

  1. Basic - you just type what do you want. For example type A country song about Thanksgiving and Suno will handle the rest for you, including lyrics.
  2. Custom - you can control lyrics, generate it with AI or write your own and select a style of your future song.

You have 50 credits in free version. Each generation costs 10 credits. There are two songs in each run, so you will get 10 songs in total.

Credits reset everyday, so tomorrow you will have 50 credits again.

There seems to be a limit of 120 seconds for a song, but there is a cool feature available - you can continue song with "Continue from this clip" option. For example you can write a first verse and then continue and generate second, third parts of the song. And at the end combine all parts together with "Get whole song" feature.

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$ 0.00

50 credits/day (5 Chirps)
Non-commercial terms
No credit top ups
Shared generation queue
2 running jobs at once

$ 8.00

2,500 credits/month (250 Chirps)
General commercial terms
Optional credit top ups
Priority generation queue
10 running jobs at once

Premier Plan
$ 24.00

10,000 credits/month (1,000 Chirps)
General commercial terms
Optional credit top ups
Priority generation queue
10 running jobs at once


Suno offers an intuitive interface, supports a wide range of genres, it's accessible for beginners and provides a fun, engaging way to explore music creation, with both free and paid plans available. The platform's audio quality may not meet professional standards, and it offers limited control over individual instrument sounds. Some features, like advanced AI models and full song customization, require a paid subscription. Ideal for hobbyists, aspiring musicians, and educators looking to create and experiment with music in an easy and collaborative environment. It's less suited for professional musicians seeking high-quality production tools.


It takes about 2 minutes to generate a song in Suno.

There are 50 credits provided daily for free users. Each generation costs 10 credits. Suno will generate 2 different version of the song each time. So, technically you can generate 10 songs daily on single free account.

Each generated fragment can be up to 120 seconds. But you can continue the song from particular clip and at the end download the full, mixed together version, which can last way more than 120 seconds.


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Rating: 8
Easy to use.
Understands multiple languages.
Pure fun.
Still very buggy.
Hard to fully control the creation process.

Makes music creation an easy process. The only thing I miss is the lack of control of the creation process. It generates, for example, 80% of the song in the way i wanted or liked, but it will be impossible to change just remaining 20%. Like in a normal record studio - you can tell the singer how to change the chorus, sing louder, for example. In Suno it is impossible.

But, anyway, it's still very fun to play with.

Suno Inc.

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