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All-in-one: content generator, SEO oprimizer, chat, art creation tool,
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Writesonic is an AI-powered writing platform that helps users create high-quality content. With its tools and features, it makes writing easier for different purposes, like marketing or creative writing.

It contains multiple products:

  • AI content writer - generate factually accurate articles with real time data.
  • SEO Tools - AI-generated SEO insights to optimize content, improve your ranking on SERPs, and boost your website traffic.
  • Chatsonic - AI chat with real time web search. Supports PDFs, images, websites, audios, and more.
  • Photosonic - image and art generator.
  • Audiosonic - voice generator.

One of the features is its ability to create persuasive marketing copy. The platform uses natural language processing algorithms to create engaging ad copy, product descriptions, and landing page content for specific target audiences. This lets businesses save time and resources while keeping their brand voice consistent.

Writesonic also offers tools for content generation. Users can input keywords or topics, and the platform will generate article outlines, blog post ideas, and even complete drafts. This is useful for content marketers and bloggers looking to brainstorm new topics or overcome writer's block.

It also provides tools for improving the readability and coherence of written content. Users can check their text for mistakes and make quick changes before publishing. 

Writesonic also works with popular platforms like WordPress and Shopify, so users can easily add content to their websites or online stores.

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Pricing (has free plan)

$ 0.00
  • All features of Writesonic and Chatsonic
  • 25 generations per month for Chatsonic & Standard Templates
  • 25 credits (one time) for Advanced Templates
$ 12.00
  • Unlimited generations
  • GPT-4 and Claude 3 Opus level output quality
  • Google integration for latest up-to-date results
  • Unlimited file chat (PDFs,webpages, images, and Audio)
  • Unlimited Agent Mode
  • Prompt Optimiser
$ 16.00

Everything in Chatsonic and…

Standard Templates

  • Unlimited generations
  • AI Article Writer 4.0
  • 1 Brand Voice
  • Article Rewriter
  • Social media posts
  • Photosonic (Standard quality)
  • +50 other templates

Advanced Templates

  • 50 credits per month
  • AI Article Writer 6.0
  • AI Article Writer 5.0
  • SEO Checker & Optimiser
  • Fact and citations checker
  • High-quality  Photosonic images
  • Audiosonic
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Bulk generation
  • API
$ 79.00

Everything in Individual and…

  • Elite quality on AI Article Writer 6.0
  • Use your own data on AI Article Writer 6.0
  • Automated Internal Linking
  • AI Topic clusters
  • Content Remix


Includes its use of GPT-4 for high-quality, contextually relevant content, a variety of templates, and support for over 24 languages, catering to global needs. But highlight dissatisfaction with its credit system, which some users find restrictive and unfair if the generated content does not meet expectations. Ideal Users are businesses, marketers, and writers who need to produce SEO-friendly content quickly and consistently, particularly those looking for scalable solutions and integration capabilities with other digital tools.


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